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Many New Hampshire and Massachusetts based companies don’t realize that their current business insurance is most likely missing key protections for their technology related risks! At Tebbetts Insurance, our technology insurance solutions offer coverage options tailored to fit your firm’s special one-of-a-kind needs.

In today’s technology-driven society, tech companies encounter a number of dynamic exposures. Whether it is malfunctioning software, inappropriate advice, misconfigured firewalls, poor performing anti-virus software applications, or equipment simply failing-businesses are in danger if they rely on technology for the simplest of tasks. Insurance claims are proliferating, leaving tech firms accountable for pricey suits.

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The good news is that Tebbetts Insurance offers cost-free quotes on technology insurance from multiple insurance carriers so you get the best possible price on the coverage you need.

What insurance might you need? It depends on your risk profile! New Hampshire and Massachusetts technology businesses share many of the same threats as other services. So while you have the exact same standard insurance policy protection requirements as most businesses, you also special factors to consider that pertain to technology. This kind of risk exposure requires tech companies insuring themselves beyond the basic kinds of coverage because they are operating on the cutting edge.

Modern technology based businesses face a rapidly changing business landscape where new threats pop up regularly. If you’re located in Massachusetts or New Hampshire you need insurance experts that are flexible, resourceful, and locally owned and operated. You need a firm familiar with your kind of technology company that can give you the best advice possible to help you mitigate for all the unique risks you face currently as well as help you think ahead for addressing future risks and future insurance needs.

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You’ll certainly need added protections such specialized Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance uniquely crafted for the tech industry. You’ll also need coverage to handle data breach, information security, and crisis management liabilities. The good news is that we’re experienced and can help you understand your company’s unique operational situation and risks as well as the specialized coverage you’ll require.

And this is important! Each Massachusetts and New Hampshire technology company is distinct! You have a unique risk profile and need custom tailored insurance to meet your specific concerns. At Tebbetts Insurance we’ll help you craft an innovative insurance package to ensure there are zero costly overlaps or gaps in your insurance!

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We can address all of your insurance needs including business auto, worker’s compensation, key man insurance, employment practices liability insurance, and so much more. Let Tebbetts Insurance work with you to get the most mileage out of your insurance.

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A Word on Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability protects your firm in case you come under cyber attack. If you maintain data for your clients, cyber liability is made to cover losses related to a cyber strike that results in the loss of private information. Coverage can include protection for the costs of alerting breached accounts, penalties, fines, and all of the other losses that can be associated with a violation.

As with other tech risks, your basic liability insurance most likely won’t cover you in cases of loss associated with data distributed on the net. Be sure you have appropriate cyber liability insurance to cover those risks!

The good news is that you can trust Tebbetts Insurance professionals to listen carefully and ask you the right questions to be sure you get the coverage you need. We’ll strive to help you find the BEST VALUE in Technology Insurance for New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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For trustworthy yet cost effective tech insurance coverage, you can count on our team of professionals.

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  • We’ve received the prestigious North American Insurance Alliance Agency of The Year Award for 2016.

For trustworthy yet cost effective tech insurance coverage, you can count on our team of professionals.

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