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Tebbetts Insurance concentrates on giving New Hampshire & Massachusetts contractors & trades general liability insurance as well as other protections essential to contractors.
These include:

  • Protecting Equipment & Tools
  • Commercial Auto
  • Builders Risk
  • Workers Compensation

The reality is that insurance for contractors & trades based in Massachusetts and New Hampshire can be quite complex. But we work with you to demystify insurance and make sure you have an affordable policy in place to protect you from your risk exposure.

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And because Tebbetts Insurance is an independent insurance agency we work with multiple carriers to find the right package for you at a rate that is affordable and fair. Plus, we have many years of experience serving general contractors & the trades. You can count on our expertise to manage your risk!

Working as a general contractor / in the trades, you encounter a range of unique liability exposures: From potentially causing unexpected damages to a customer’s residential or commercial property to a person taking your tools and/or equipment. Fortunately, several insurance protections will limit your liability exposure to these sorts of losses.

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When it concerns safeguarding your New Hampshire / Massachusetts based general contractor/trade business, it’s important to consider the following kinds of insurance coverage:

General Liability Insurance

As a Massachusetts / New Hampshire based company, you need this liability insurance to shield yourself from the majority of arising from your daily activities (and potential mishaps) that can happen at a work site.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your firm has its own fleet of trucks you need this protection. Even if you simply use your own personal car or truck, bear in mind that personal auto policies exclude using cars & trucks for business / commercial purposes. As such you need to be protected by a business auto policy for New Hampshire / Massachusetts!

Equipment & Tools Coverage

Be sure your equipment is covered in case of theft. A blanket policy of say $50,000 will typically cover hand tools without the need to list them. (No single item can exceed $500 in value.)

But larger, more valuable tools such as welders, generators, nail guns, and other expensive portable equipment will need to be included separately on your policy. Likewise, you’ll need Inland Marine Insurance coverage to protect against mobile equipment

General Liability Insurance

This type of protection is particularly developed to cover physical damage to properties that are under construction. Lenders typically require this sort of coverage before they’ll fund projects. This insurance offers building owners greater confidence in your services as well.

Workers’ Comp Insurance

Whether your company is based in New Hampshire or Massachusetts you’re required to offer workman’s compensation insurance coverage to all of your employees. TIP: Require all subcontractors provide you with written proof they have their own appropriate workers’ comp insurance to avoid the risk of having to provide it to them yourself

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As you can imagine, one contractor’s insurance coverage requirements will certainly be different to the next. That’s why it is so important you work with Tebbetts Insurance so that you know you’re working with the best advisors who will help you navigate all of the various exposures you face as well as how to address those risks through insurance.

Plus, we’re locally based meaning we know the New Hampshire and Massachusetts markets better than others. You can rely on Tebbetts Insurance to give you great personalized service and fantastic attention to detail.

We cover all manner of New Hampshire & Massachusetts based trades/contractors including:

  • Contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Handymen
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Landscapers
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Home Inspectors
  • Even Janitors!

Tebbets Insurance Also Offers Specialty Programs to NH & MA contracting companies:

  • Contractor Bonds
  • Pollution Liability
  • Wrap-Up Insurance
  • Architects & Engineers

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For cost effective contractor’s insurance coverage in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, you can count on our team of trusted professionals.

  • We’ve been helping New Hampshire and Massachusetts companies like yours protect their profits for decades.
  • We’ve received the prestigious North American Insurance Alliance Agency of The Year Award for 2016.

We promise to take great care of you and to give you the peace of mind knowing you have the best possible protection for your contracting / trade based company.

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